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silvere's Journal

1 April
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drink me
acting like a cat, aim, alice in wonderland, amanda, andes candies, ani difranco, anne rice, arguing about talent, art, balls of string, bare feet, being a rebel, being alone, being loved, birds, biting, biting things, black, blue eyes, blues clues, breathing, breathing space, calligraphy marker graffiti, cats, charcoal, cinnamon rolls, cirrus clouds, clouds, colours, comfort, comfortable silence, computer, cows, crying, dark chocolate, darkness, daydreamers, daydreaming, deep thinkers, down pillows, drawing, drinking my blood, driving on the left, ellen degeneres, em, fifi, fight club, finding something lost, finding songs, fireflies, fresh paint, frightening people, george orwell, getting lucky, gracie, green lights, halloween, hearing im amazing, honesty, i spy, kelli, kitties, lambs, laser meese, laughing for no reason, lewis, liberalism, long hair, looking sad, movie popcorn, moxy fruvous, music, my cds, my little pony, not meat, nougat, oekaki, old movies, open minds, orange, pants, paris, philosophy, pianos, pink floyd, pistachios, popping blisters, potato chips, psychology, queen, queen of wands, rain, rambling, reading, rebels, rent, running, running in dewy grass, sanrio, scaring people, shadows, shuttle buses, silence, silver, singing at 10 pm, singing horribly, sleeping, snapping crayons in half, snowy, socks, soco, song lyrics, sparkles, sparkly pens, squigglies, squishy the jellyfish, stars, stephen king, storybooks, strawberry jellybeans, strawberry shortcake, strewberries, sunrises, sunsets, tay, teddy bears, the french, the princess bride, theatre, thinking, tolkien, twilight, typing really fast, typos, vegetables, water, water wings, wings, world religion, zoning out